Grab ’n’ Go: Homemade convenience foods

Categories: How To
Published on: November 4, 2015

Mother Earth News / Shelley Stonebrook / October/November 2015

convenience-foodPerhaps since the era of the TV dinner, “convenience” has reigned king in food marketers’ appeals to consumers. From the overwhelming variety of store-bought snack options to instant meals in boxes and bags, food is always at the ready, and its preparation is largely outsourced. Even homesteaders and advocates of eating nourishing, local foods may have difficulty avoiding processed, store-bought options when the goin’ gets busy.

But all of this so-called convenience comes at a cost. Additives, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial coloring and trans fats — along with sugar-packed, sodium-stuffed, and refined-carb-loaded recipes — are part and parcel of processed food. In a nutshell, we lose control over ingredients. But convenience food doesn’t have to equal junk food, and quick meals don’t have to mean a stop at a drive-thru.