Soaring numbers becoming obese or overweight

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Published on: October 10, 2015

The Guardian / Sarah Boseley and Helen Davidson / 09 October 2015

Adult obesity 2014UN goals on diet-related disease will fail to be met because of the soaring numbers of people becoming obese or overweight, with almost 1 billion of the world’s adults projected to be obese by 2025, analysis shows.

Experts warn that targets will not be met because of the spread of the westernised diet around the globe as a result of heavy marketing by the food industry.

Concern over the rise in diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other conditions fuelled by obesity led to a UN summit in 2011, where the World Health Organisation (WHO) was commissioned to set targets to bring down the alarming rate of weight gain across the planet. It set a goal for 2025 of no increase in obesity or diabetes beyond the levels of 2010.

But the latest statistics suggest the world will spectacularly fail to meet the target, says the World Obesity Federation (WOF). In 2010, 11.5% of adults, or 565 million people, were obese. By 2014, that had already risen to 13% (670 million).