Easy sauerkraut recipe

Categories: How To
Published on: September 28, 2015

Mother Earth News / The OAEC Collective with Olivia Rathbone / September 2015

veggie-krautSauerkraut making is taught in several of our workshops, so we often have a continuous supply fermenting in our kitchen—a batch is made, it ferments, and it’s ready for the next class to taste. The recipe is fairly unstructured, passed down by oral tradition depending on the teacher, and based on whatever we happen to have growing in the garden at the time, so no two Mother Garden krauts are ever the same. There have been some pretty wild and eclectic combinations made over the years, but the best krauts are usually the simplest: just carrot with ginger; plain green cabbage with a pinch of caraway; red cabbage and beets with peppercorns; napa cabbage speckled with local seaweed; or a simply spicy bok choi kimchi—to name a few. As long as you more or less follow the universal 3 tablespoons of salt per 5 pounds of veggies ratio, the rest is open for improvisation. For musings on the history, science, health benefits, and metaphysical virtues of sauerkraut, read the definitive tome The Art of Fermentation by fellow communitarian Sandor Katz.