Older Americans rediscover bikes

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Published on: September 14, 2015

On the Commons / Jay Walljasper / 27 July 2015

older bike rider“Cycling is the new golf,” declare the New York Times, CNN Money and The Economist, describing how road rides are replacing tee times as a favorite pastime for business networking. And there’s growing evidence that the group most strongly associated with golf–older people–may be gripping handlebars as much as putters in the years to come.

“The biggest jump we are seeing in biking is among older people,” says Martha Roskowski, Vice President of the national organization PeopleForBikes.

Riders 50 and over pedaled an estimated 2.6 billion miles on 830 million rides in 2009 (the latest figures available), according the USDOT National Household Travel Survey. That’s way up from 1995 when people in that age group covered less than 400 million miles on 175 million rides.

This is good news for everyone, not just bike shop owners, since people on bikes enjoy better health and strengthen the sense of community where they live.