16 tips to crowdfund a tool library in your town

Categories: How To
Published on: July 22, 2015

Shareable / Cat Johnson / 13 July 2015

UH Tool LibraryTool libraries are much-loved community resources, and for good reason: they expand access to tools, save members money, and strengthen relationships between neighbors.

However, they aren’t easy to start, but that’s changing. New fundraising, social media, and inventory management tools are making it easier to start, promote, and manage them. Crowdfunding is emerging as a powerful way to start or expand a tool library.

In addition to raising money, crowdfunding can help spread the word about a new tool library. As Gene Homicki, co-founder of myTurn explains, “people who may not have the time or tools to donate, but do have the financial resources to invest in their community, can become invested in the lending library’s success.”

This community support is vital to the success of a tool library. Of the 70-plus tool libraries that myTurn works with, the most successful are those that have engaged the community. “The people in the community want the tool library to succeed,” says Homicki, “both because it offers a valuable service…and also because they were part of co-creating an amazing community resource.”