Framespotting: Book review

Categories: Big picture, Books
Published on: May 13, 2015 / Caroline Whyte / 12 May 2015

framespotting-hrcoverWhat do climate change, sports teams and your family’s achievements have in common?

Here’s another question: which consumer good is considered by many people to be completely indispensable – despite the fact that it directly causes over a million deaths worldwide each year?

The answer to both these questions can be found in Framespotting, a short and lively book by long-time Feasta climate group members Laurence and Alison Matthews. The book takes us on a safari trip to spot frames – hidden assumptions about the way anything from human nature to the universe as a whole operate. Frames can blinker our vision and make it much harder for us to think creatively about problems. As with the second example above, they can even lead us to make deadly choices.