Kudrinko’s certified as a true green grocer

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Published on: May 5, 2015

Canadian Grocer / David Sherman / 21 April 2015

Kudrinkos.Grocery-Store-Certification.April-2015Kudrinko’s, a 10,000 sq. ft. independent grocer in Westport, Ont., is the first Canadian store to win Grocery Stewardship Certification.

The certification from the Massachusetts-based Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences was developed to make the grocery sector more sustainable.

The GSC recognition comes with having achieved a level of points towards certification. If a store is corporately-owned, the score has to reach 150 points to be eligible. Independent operators must achieve 100 points to be certified.

Kudrinko’s scored 198 in its first attempt, and reduced energy costs by 40 per cent.