SNG offers help for Dandelion Festival funding. And you’re it!

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Published on: May 1, 2015

Sustainable North Grenville / 01 May 2015

We were in the moment at our biggest, most successful Sustainability Fair when we heard the big news last Sunday: musicians were pulling out of the Dandelion Festival because it was receiving sponsorship money from TransCanada Pipelines. Wow! We knew immediately that this was a huge threat to an event that celebrates and helps build our amazing community.

But we also completely understood the artists’ ethical concerns because we share them: TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline proposal is an overwhelming threat to our highly vulnerable aquifers, the only source of our drinking water. The proposal also locks us in for decades of increased carbon emissions when we need to be fighting climate change.

We had to take action. We knew that if the people of North Grenville heard about this they would stand up for the Festival and stand with our local musicians! But could the sponsorship money be replaced by local support?

Festival organizers were approached and we’ve secured a deal: if we raise $5,000 by 8 May, they will accept our money over TransCanada’s.

This is where you come in. We’ll need your help. Click on this link to get to the IndieGogo crowd funding site where you can pledge your support.

Please consider sponsoring this important part of your community’s social fabric. Think about the message we’ll send when we stand with our musicians. Believe me, this is big news. People across the region, province and even across our country are interested and encouraged by what we are doing.

Please help us to keep the Dandelion Festival alive and a vibrant part of the North Grenville social fabric.

And after we’ve rescued the festival, let’s all be there to celebrate who we are and what we stand for!

For more information and updates as the campaign evolves, check out our website and Facebook page: