Organic weed control with Jean-Martin Fortier

Categories: How To
Published on: April 22, 2015

Mother Earth News / Jean-Martin Fortier / April 2015

weedingAbove all, it is important to acknowledge that weeds compete with vegetables for water, nutrients, and growing space. Despite the views advanced in some “natural” gardening circles, the idea that it’s possible to grow beautiful vegetables in harmony with weeds is simply untrue; just as seeking a cropping system that would not require weeding in some form or another is unrealistic.

So-called natural organic herbicides claiming to control weeds may do so in the short term, but they destroy the long-term biological health of the soil. For weed management practices to be both ecological and sustainable, a market gardener should rather look into careful planning for weed prevention and follow with effective and efficient weed control strategies. Dealing with weeds the organic way also takes persistence, the right tools, and innovative techniques.