Local food is key to local good for downtown Cobourg

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Published on: February 21, 2015

Northumberland News / Dominik Wisniewski / 19 February 2015

Nicole BeattyWhile the proposed Victoria Market Collective is seeking support from the Town of Cobourg to secure a retail location downtown, its completion could have far-reaching benefits to the community.

In exchange for the provision of space, be it purchased or re-purposed, and/or the donation of utilities and water by the Town, the collective aims to:

  • Create job opportunities for youth, people with disabilities and the unemployed, while providing skills training, portfolio building and a gateway to a career,
  • Have a social impact that extends into the community, providing a public space for people to gather and brainstorm — a library combined with a shopping experience, and
  • Provide market exposure that could become a hallmark for ‘localism’ in the community.