Open message from the President and CEO of IESO

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Published on: January 5, 2015

Independent Electricity System Operator / 05 January 2015

IESO logoWith the beginning of a new year, comes the opportunity for a new perspective on the path ahead. For us, this is especially true in 2015.

On January 1st, employees of the Indepen­dent Electricity System Operator and Ontario Power Authority came together to create a united organization combining the mandates of both. The new IESO will not only reliably operate the system in real time, it will put conservation first as we plan for and ensure a dependable, sustainable system well into the future.

This new organization will bring operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and will better align our development of contracts, conservation, markets and power system operations. Bringing together the strengths and expertise of the OPA and IESO will provide increased value for Ontario’s consumers.

In the months preceding the merger, we’ve been working to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible for stakeholders and communities. Our customers, contract holders, and market and pro­gram participants will continue to receive the highest levels of service. As a new combined entity, the IESO is better positioned to address a broad continuum of issues and needs in an integrated way.

This transition is ongoing. Work is well underway to bring together our collective efforts to provide superior customer service, informa­tion and analysis, all in support of a dynamic and efficient electricity sector. The end result? We will be better able to forecast and plan for the province’s future electricity needs, drive conservation efforts, and co-ordinate market and resource development.

The merger deepens our role within the energy sector, allowing us to more effectively engage on key issues, listen to your concerns and develop solutions to address them. As we move forward with our new responsibilities, I hope to hear from you to learn your ideas about how the new IESO can better serve our province.

Bruce Campbell
President and CEO Independent Electricity System Operator

Read more about how the IESO will serve our customers, stakeholders, communities and partners:’s_Electricity_Consumers.pdf