AMO waste diversion update, October 2014

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Published on: October 24, 2014

Association of Municipalities Ontario

Even though residents are doing their share, Ontario is running out of licensed landfill capacity. Since 1989, 649 of Ontario’s 730 landfills have closed. Alternatives to landfill are becoming increasingly costly and the approval and assessment processes are very time consuming.

Ontario produces an estimated 12.0 million tonnes of solid waste per year, predominantly from the industrial, commercial, and institutional (IC&I) sector. According to Statistics Canada, this sector produces 56 per cent of the overall waste in Ontario, with a diversion rate of only 11 per cent. By comparison, WDO reports that of the 4.8 million tonnes of residential waste produced in 2012, 47.7 per cent was diverted.

Currently, property taxes pay for over 50 per cent of the actual Blue Box Program costs, subsidize some Household Hazardous Waste programs and pay 100 per cent of the costs of litter control, garbage collection and disposal.