Burlington, VT: Green is just how it’s done

Categories: Big picture
Published on: September 22, 2014

Mother Earth News / KC Compton / October/November 2014

Burlington-ShorelineIf one community could serve as poster child for the core values we write about in MOTHER EARTH NEWS, Burlington would be it. Organic gardening, self-sufficiency, an involved community, renewable energy and a commitment to health are how Burlington rolls. Its vibrant local food system is central to the city, and at the heart of that food system is the Intervale Center.

“Intervale” is a term for the low ground between hills, often bottomland enriched by overflow from creeks and rivers. In the 1980s, an intervale tract of more than 700 acres within the city limits had become a dangerous, inhospitable place. Historically productive fields sat abandoned and people were using the land primarily as a dumping ground.