Electric Bicycle (“e-bike”) Frequently Asked Questions

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Published on: March 24, 2014

Ontario MOT / 05 November 2013

  1. What is a power-assisted bicycle (“e-bike”)?
  2. Why did Ontario place additional safety equipment requirements on e-bikes? Why was meeting the federal definition alone not sufficient?
  3. Is a power-assisted bicycle the same as an e-bike?
  4. Do all e-bikes look like bicycles? I have seen some that look like motor scooters being advertised as e-bikes.
  5. Why did the ministry decide to include scooter-style e-bikes in the definition of “bicycle”?
  6. What safety requirements in place for e-bikes?
  7. I have a scooter-style e-bike. Can I remove the pedals and stow them on the e-bike, such as in a storage compartment, to meet the requirement of “equipped with pedals?”
  8. Am I allowed to modify my e-bike so it can go faster than 32 km/h?
  9. My e-bike weighs more than 120 kg. Am I allowed to operate this vehicle in Ontario?
  10. What do I need to operate an e-bike?
  11. Why is there an age restriction?
  12. What are the rules for wearing a helmet?
  13. On what roads can an e-bike travel?
  14. If my driver’s licence has been suspended, can I legally operate an e-bike?
  15. Am I allowed to carry passengers on my e-bike?
  16. What are the safety differences between a scooter-style e-bike and a limited-speed motorcycle (LSM)?
  17. How can I visually tell the difference between a scooter-style e-bike and an LSM?
  18. What does an e-bike label say?
  19. What does an LSM compliance label look like?
  20. Why are LSM and moped operators required to be licensed but operators of scooter-style e-bikes are not?
  21. If a police officer stopped someone who was drunk while driving an e-bike, how would they be charged? Would this be a Criminal Code offence or an HTA offence?
  22. Are the fines for e-bike offences the same as bicycle offences?
  23. If I get stopped by a police officer while riding my e-bike, do I need to show ID?
  24. Will municipalities be able to pass by-laws to prohibit e-bikes?
  25. Why are we permitting e-bikes on public roads but not pocket bikes?