Mastering Emotional Resilience

Categories: How To
Published on: December 21, 2013

Peak Prosperity / Chris Martenson / 16 December 2013

For most people, it won’t be economic hardship that harms them, but their own lack of emotional resilience that does them in.

After the fall of the former Soviet Union, in the years that followed, more than half of all premature deaths that occurred were due to the effects of excessive alcohol consumption […]

It bears mentioning that while the times were economically hard in the former Soviet Union, and many people lost their jobs and therefore their sense of purpose in life, folks still had a place to live and food to eat. Perhaps not a lot, but one marked difference between communism and capitalism is that the former provides at least the basics of sustenance.

Faced with the loss of purpose and livelihood, many Russians turned to alcohol as the means of numbing themselves out from the despair they felt. Instead of seeing the loss of a job as an opportunity to do something new with their lives, even if merely to sit in reflection ten hours a day, they experienced the loss as a form of devastation from which they sought escape.

And today, as we look around, we might notice that escapism is everywhere, whether it is found in excessive drinking, shopping, television watching, smartphones, video games, or drugs. There are lots of ways to numb out the world when it is not providing what we think we need (or deserve).