Peterborough: Buy Local with the Kawartha Loon Local Currency

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Published on: November 2, 2013

Transition Town Peterborough / TTP Insider / 02 November 2013

  • Buy Local from locally owned independent businesses and farming enterprises is the #1 Action that you can take to help fight climate change and enhance community prosperity.
  • Turbo Charge the buy local economic multiplier effect by using the Kawartha Loon local Currency.
  • Buy the Kawartha Loon at a 10 % discount at the Peterborough Community Credit Union on Brock St just west of George St.
  • Spend the Kawartha Loon at par to the Cdn dollar at members of the Kawartha Loon Exchange

Most Climate Change Action plans are moving from pure mitigation to adaptation with some mitigation. This is a rational transition as we begin to embrace community resilience as the only strategy that effectively deals with the New Normals of Climate Change, Energy and Economics.

To adapt to the New Normals what we actually need to do is transition to lower energy and water life styles while enhancing prosperity. And we are running out of time to make the transition smoothly … so we have to expect some major bumps ahead.

The problem for environmentalists is not so much the lack of political will in support of meaningful action on Climate Change … but rather how to enhance prosperity while we implement programs to cut emissions and reduce our carbon footprint … and enhancing prosperity for nearly everyone living today remains providing more jobs and livelihoods.

It’s apparent that as a community we already know what to do to move to life styles requiring lower energy and water … and we have the technology. However we don’t yet know what the exact model is for concurrently enhancing prosperity. Nor do we have our local governments prioritizing funding in support of anything except what they have done for years, with the support of lots and lots of cheap oil.

What we do know about the current global centric corporate capitalistic prosperity model is that its working for fewer and fewer people at an accelerated clip. The result is a local economy totally out of balance with the global economy and more and more citizens facing very uncertain futures.

Economic Localization therefore moves to the forefront and should be the focus of all of us to build a more resilient community while enhancing prosperity. We also know that locally owned independent businesses are much more effective at reinvesting and circulating wealth in the community. Simply because they live here an raise their families here … it has always been thus. Who doesn’t get this?

Further, they have the best chance to enhance our collective prosperity and create more meaningful jobs and livelihoods. So what we are asking for is everyone’s support to firstly buy at locally owned independent businesses and farming enterprises.

And secondly get on board with the Kawartha Loon and increase your buying power and fight climate change by shopping at Members of the Kawartha Loon Exchange. Then Go Green in your personal and business life just as quickly as you can.