For the kids: Introduction to Mountain Biking

Categories: How To
Published on: September 14, 2013

Mountain biking is a fun and healthy activity that can last a lifetime. It provides excellent hand-eye coordination, arm and leg strength, core strength, aerobic and anaerobic fitness that keeps you fit and helps out other sports. And we have some of the best trails in the world right here in our area.

This autumn, Brockville cyclist Peter Meier is running an informal series of mountain bike rides to introduce kids to mountain biking. The location is the Brocktel Trails at the end of Central Avenue West. These trails are also called the ‘Automatic (Electric) trails’, ‘SCI trails’, ‘Black and Decker trails’, and maybe one day ‘the School Board trails’. The trails are relatively easy in nature with some technical sections that can be walked.

All are welcome! There will be kids from 6 years old up to possibly teenagers, along with some parents out to take to the dirt. Riders will need a bike with multiple gears, helmet, water bottle. Biking gloves and bugspray are recommended.

Please contact Peter at if you know of anyone who’d like to join in the fun!